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Unlocking Business Potential with Coaching, Training, and Empowering Events

Businesses That Invest In Coaching Achieve:

According to Inc. Magazine, 96% of businesses fail within 10 years.

They experience…


Partnering with the right coach and implementing targeted training and motivational events creates successful organizations

Our Popular Sales and Sales Leadership Coaching training
and events have helped our clients.

Go From This:

“I know I am capable of better sales results but don’t know where to start to grow my sales”:

* Feeling constantly stressed and anxious over lack of deals.

* Struggling to prioritize the tasks that will lead to increased business.

* Missing key skills, systems and processes to generate more revenue.

To This:

“I know what needs to be done, when and how to maximize my efforts”:

* Increased efficiency by leveraging sales skills and proven systems.

* Contagious confidence from replacing the chaos with a strategy.

* Support and accountability when it’s needed the most and finally getting the results.

Our Innovative Executive Coaching, Masterminds and Sabbaticals have helped our clients.

Go From This:

Lack of Clearly Communicated Planning and Focused Direction:

* Confusion and lack of clarity critical to roles and responsibilities.

* Frequent disfunction within the team and leadership.

* Difficulty setting, actioning and achieving team goals and business objectives.

Team’s Productivity and Success is Not Maximized:

* High levels of employee turnover or disengagement.

* Lack of professional innovation, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

* Inefficiencies with the use of resources and an overall sense of stagnation.

To This:

An execution strategy that aligns with the business values, purpose, and mission:

* Laser-focused clarity on responsibilities critical to high performance at every level.

* Measurable increases in communication and collaboration.

* Enhanced productivity through streamlined processes that work.

Maximizing Team Productivity and Success:

* A culture shift characterized by enthusiasm and engagement.

* Meeting and exceeding project milestones and targets.

* People and processes are in alignment with the organizational purpose and profits are rising.

Our Women's Empowerment "Girl Unafraid" Coaching, Retreats and offsites have helped our clients.

Go From This:

Overwhelmed, undervalued and distracted by an overabundance of demands:

* Feeling unsupported and marginalized resulting in constant stress and anxiety.

* Struggling to prove worth while prioritizing multiple and often conflicting responsibilities.

* Increased burnout, and decreased job and life satisfaction.

To This:

Feeling empowered and clear minded:

* Right focused and energized on what matters most.

* Improved work-life balance and reduced stress.

* Tools, techniques and strategies to manage anything that threatens what’s most meaningful and a path to gain clarity and focus to achieve big goals in life, business, career, family and more.

* Support and accountability when it’s needed the most and finally getting the results.

Proprietary Coaching and Training for Business Success

Our revolutionary approach is grounded in the latest brain science and modern technology to help you maximize your potential and achieve your business goals. Join a community of like-minded peers from across the country and make strategic, informed choices to take your business to the next level.

Our expert coaching and training services will help you and your team by sharpening your focus, elevating your leadership skills, and empowering you to succeed. Take bold action today and request a consultation to see how we can help you transform your business.


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This was a great coaching experience and I highly recommend The Slingshot Method.

 I implemented the recommendations in June of 2022 and by October I had made by annual sales goal. More importantly, I believe in myself and in the products and services I am selling.

Lou C.

Business Owner

I highly recommend working with The Slingshot Method.

They helped me to transition from being employed to owning my own company. I was burning out and my health was being affected. I now own a thriving technology company.

Michelle Y.

Technology Company Founder

Every Team, Every Member, and every Leader Deserves to Have a Coach.



Results with Expert Coaching

Achieve Results with Expert Coaching

Our coach-led sessions provide you with expert insights and strategies to help you achieve sales success, thrive personally and professionally, grow your business, and lead with influence and impact. Our proprietary content covers crucial topics to help you develop the skills and mindset you need to succeed.

Access 24/7 Resources to Fuel Skill-Building

Our client portal gives you 24/7 access to resources that supplement your self-study and help you build the skills you need to achieve your goals. From assessment and metrics tools to evidence your growth, to game plans that keep you on track, we provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Build a High-Performance Culture and Winning Team

Our coaching and training services help you develop a high-performance culture, hire top performers, and retain your top sales reps. You'll learn to lead with confidence and provide bold direction to empower your team to achieve their goals.


“Coaching has been a valuable and worthwhile investment in my business.”

I have been in business for over 33 years now, and finally found a coach that understands me and how I operate. I didn’t come to The Slingshot Method because we were “broken”, although I KNOW they can fix just about anything…but I came to The Slingshot Method because I knew I could do better, but just kept hitting a wall. The Slingshot Method has fantastic oral and written communication skills and certainly has the real-world experience to take on anyone as a client.

As I tell everyone, a coach doesn’t always teach you “new” things you didn’t know before…but a good coach puts things into the right perspective so that you can apply what you’ve learned in a positive manner to your business. In 6 short months, we have identified the flaws, bottlenecks, and shortcomings in my business between business and client, business and employees, and also shortcomings (and strengths) between owners. Once problems were identified, The Slingshot Method went to work systematically on each and the results were fantastic. Sales are up, stress is down!

Mark Turkel

CEO and CIO of Palm Beach
Software Design

Don't let resistance, lack of direction, or outdated processes hold you back. It's time to unleash the potential of your team and achieve extraordinary results.